Welcome to the genuine and scientific yoga sports alliance named ‘Ancient Yoga Sports and Heritage Alliance’, which is a department of sports & youth affairs by ‘Yog Front Organization’. Working as Yoga Sports Federation.

Our aim is to spread theoretical, scientific and credible yoga sports competitions in India. Not only by organizing yogasanas but also by organizing games based on the method of yoga, the complete knowledge of yoga has to be made available to the people.



AYSHA Competition

The word AYSHA means prosperous, which means rich and successful. Here word AYSHA stands for – ‘Ancient Yoga Sports & Heritage Alliance‘ is the sports department of Yoga Front organization, which mainly works in the subject of Yoga sports. Here the idea of yoga games is not only to be played by yogasanas, but also to bring other basic elements of yoga education in the form of games. Like Pranayama, Shatkarma, Bandha etc.

The Yog Front Organization is engaged in bringing a new revolution in the field of yoga through sports by ensuring the rules and procedures for all the yoga sports to be held under the AYSHA department. For which the organization is involved in the promotion of yoga sports in a scientific, constitutional and factual way by being registered with the top most department of sports in National i.e ‘Sports Authority of India‘ which comes under the Ministry of Sports Government of India.


A federation is comprised of several units, which work together in different provinces, districts, cities, villages. The work of these units is to convey those objectives and principles to every person, on the basis of which the organization and departments were formed. AYSHA through its units in India is engaging sportspersons in Yoga by creating a best eco-system for Yoga sports.


The credibility of any organization or federation is based on its registration and official documents, so Yoga Front organization is a reliable organization fulfilling these important and mandatory documents and registration. The Society and all departments running under the organization are duly registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 of the Government of India.


Since the AYSHA department is associated with Yoga sports. For yoga sports, like any other sport, it is important to get recognition/affiliation/acreedation from the National Sports Authority either by the organization itself or Organization's Sports Department. Hence, Yog Front Organization is registered with "Sports Authority of India" which is the highest sports authority of India.


लड़ते हुए अन्याय से, हारा नहीं करते, गिर जाने पर खिलाड़ी, मुरझाया नहीं करते,
आओ मिल कर खड़ी कर दें दिवार इनायत की, कि अन्यायी शिखर की और सिर उठाया नहीं करते।

Our Aim is ensure the following in Yoga Games.


Truthfulness and loyalty are very important parts of life as well as yoga, so loyalty is most important when we work to bring positive change in the field of yoga and our lifestyle. Team AYSHA will always try to bring back faith of people towards the Ancient Yoga by providing best Yoga Competition System. For which loyality with your profession, loyal with people and nation is must.


There are many types of competitions held all over the world, but are all competitions transparent? There Many action plans and rules are made to make these competitions transparent, in which the most important is transparent judgment and judges. AYSHA keeps this transparency in its core principles through a well-qualified and well-mannered Yoga Coaches.


The vision of AYSHA is to give a platonic identity to the game of Yoga all over the world by scientifically creating the best sports practices and rules of the game in the field of Yoga. Which requires a comprehensive approach, which is available only to a person with higher education in that subject, so organizing yoga games under the leadership of educated yoga teachers is the hallmark of the best vision.


Because the first objective of Yog Front Organization is to bring rules and regulations in field of Yoga, therefore its our responsibility to form some very strict rules and regulation in Yoga Games too. Very essential rules have been laid in Yoga Games, on the basis of which competition takes place and on the basis of these laws, credibility and transparency are seen in our AYSHA Yoga Competitions.


Come, let’s take the oath! That we all together will make yoga sports the identity of India at the world level. By creating the best global system for yoga sports in a systematic, transparent and reliable manner, we will give yoga its true reputation.


Roshan K. Pathak

New Delhi

Dear Team Members! I would like to welcome you to the AYSHA Project which is our Department of Sports and Heritage Alliance. Where together we make this beautiful and organized system of yoga sports. We together should have one aim to maintain credibility, transparency and discipline in yoga sports. For which I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you as President of Yog Front Organization where ever you need my support and services.

Also, I would like to congratulate the President of our Sports Department, Mr. Vipan Thapar , who is not only known for his active and intelligent personality but for his good command in yoga sports too. So, I hope that under his leadership this department will touch the heights soon.

Roshan K Pathak


Vipandeep Thapar


My dear friends, AYSHA is a division of Yog Front Organization dedicated to Yoga Games, where I have had the privilege of representing you all with your love and trust, thank you for that.

Friends, since many years, we have come across many problems in yoga games. But now is the time to remove those problems and evils from the root and make a best system so that the whole world should know the yoga game and adopt it according to the rules, in which your contribution is very much needed. I hope that together we will make our dream come true. Thank you.

Vipandeep Thapar


Come let us introduce you to the central team of AYSHA, the Sports Department of Yoga Front organization.


Some of the achievements achieved by the AYSHA department of Yoga Front organization, you can see here in the table given below.

Competition NameYearAge Group1st2nd3rd
Open Yoga Competition2020Under 14Mandeep Singh
Open Yoga Competition2020Under 17Khushmeet Singh
Open Yoga Competition2020Under 19Navraj Singh


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